Gifts for Dads, Grads, and Mentors!

Gifts for Dads, Grads, and Mentors!

Give them a reason to be enlightened, entertained, and excited with one of our top product picks for Father's Day! With this Gateway Publishing Gift Guide, you're bound to find the right gift for the special Dad, Grad or Mentor in your life. Grads will also love these curated books, digital media, and sermon series.

We're also offering a special discount, just for Father's Day, so act fast. Apply code DAD20 for 20% off the products below!

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    Pastor Robert Morris Resources

    The Blessed Life by Robert Morris Father's Day Gift Guide


      • Frequency by Robert Morris
        • When we begin to understand the general and specific ways God speaks to us, we cultivate a life of deeper connection with our Creator. He demonstrates how we can mature from hearing His voice as sheep to hearing it as His friend to conveying His voice to others.

        Crowd Favorites


        Pastors Robert Morris, Jack Hayford, and other key leaders answer common questions and provide the tools for building a strong spiritual foundation. With over 500 discipleship articles and studies, Fresh Start Bible will help you find God’s direction for every day.

        Fresh Start Bible Fathers Day Gifts


        • Pastor Jack by S. David Moore
          • The Authorized Biography of Jack Hayford
            This engaging biography of the pastor of pastors, whom Christianity Today called “The Pentecostal Gold Standard,” invites readers into the fascinating life and faith of Pastor Jack Hayford, a true man of God.
        Pastor Jack | Authorized Biography and Jack Hayford



        Happy Father's Day from the Gateway Publishing Team!

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