Why is the "Add to Cart" button missing from certain products?

Only a select number of our products are available with our distributor. Those are the only items we are able to offer for purchase through this webstore. For other products, we encourage you to select the "Other Retailers" drop-down menu to learn where you can purchase that item.

Where are Gateway Publishing products shipped from?

Items are shipped from our distribution company, David C. Cook in Elgin, IL, who will send you a tracking number for your order once it ships.

What is your cancellation policy?

Gateway Publishing strives to provide prompt and excellent service. Orders placed by 5 p.m. on weekdays are shipped the following business morning. This quick turnaround prevents us from intercepting orders that are already being fulfilled by our distributor. As a result, we have a no cancellation policy on all orders. If you entered a product in error and want to return it, we invite you to use our return policy. Please call 855.712.5774. Thank you.

What is your return policy?

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us for a return authorization number and instructions. Returns must be sent to Gateway Publishing and not to David C. Cook. Returned product must be returned within (30) days from the date you received it and be in saleable condition. Shipping charges and return shipping fees are not refundable.

How do I place an international order?

If you need to place an order for product to be shipped to a location other than the United States, please call 855.712.5774 and a representative will help you place your order.

How are shipping charges calculated?

Within the continental United States:

Orders up to $24.99: $4.99 shipping
Orders $25-$74.99: $5.99 shipping
Orders $75-$100.99: $6.99 shipping
Orders $101-$149.99: $7.99 shipping
Orders $150-$199.99: $9.99 shipping
Orders $200-$249.99: $10.99 shipping
Orders $250-$299.99: $11.99 shipping
Orders $300+: 13% shipping (max charge of $124)

To Alaska or Hawaii:

Orders up to $50: $74.99 shipping
Orders $51-$150: $99.99 shipping
Orders $151-$300: $124.99 shipping
Orders $301+: $149.99 shipping
(We encourage residents of these states to order our products from Amazon to save on shipping costs.)

I am with a tax exempt organization. How can I remove tax from my order?

If you are with a tax exempt organization, please call 855.712.5774 so we can update your customer profile with that information. Once this is done, you'll be able to place orders online tax-free. Be prepared to send us a copy of your tax exempt form. 

How can I get a discount?

If you are a retailer, distributor, or if you work for a church or ministry, please call 855.712.5774 about volume discounts. Also, suscribe to Gateway Publishing and follow us on social media to stay up to date with special offers and discount codes.

How does music publishing work?

Publishing songs is simply the activity of making your creative work “public”. This means distributing your song, music or publication beyond your immediate circle of family and friends. A song can be published simply by performing it at a ticketed concert or making copies to put on the seats at a conference Songs can be published in many forms which include: Sheet Music, Audio Recordings, Lyric Sheets, Live videos, Lyric Videos and many more. Anyone can publish their material but when most people refer to publishing they are referring to “getting published”. In other words, they are looking for someone to lend time, money, expertise, exposure to their talents. There are many steps to the self publishing process which are too numerous to list here. There are on line resources and instructional videos available through numerous companies and institutions that exist to serve independent songwriter, artists, churches, etc. Here are just a few of those resources:

http://www.thecopyrightcoach.com/ http://cmpamusic.org/copyrights

How does music licensing work?

The United States and most developed nations around them world have a set of copyright laws in place that govern and direct individuals and organizations in how they use someone else’s creative and intellectual content (Intellectual Property). Many rights are exclusive to the owner/publisher of the content and some are non-exclusive. Most publishers have designated one or more entities to help administer their rights, license their content, collect the royalties and distribute the monies to both the publisher and songwriters involved in particular songs. For general information on music licensing you can reference the following resources:


How do I license recordings?

Please see our "Licensing" page for more information on licensing.

Are you accepting music demos?

At this time, we are only able to accept song submissions from Gateway Worship staff members, Gateway-affiliated churches, or songwriters with a direct referral from either source.

How do you choose books to publish?

We publish resources that express and align with the vision and mission of Gateway Church to serve the global church.

Will you review my manuscript?

At this time, we are only able to accept manuscript submissions from Gateway pastoral staff members, Gateway-affiliated churches, or authors with a direct referral from either source.

How does self publishing work?

A self published author assumes the cost of manuscript preparation, printing, and marketing. Gateway members can self publish through the Gateway imprint of Pulon Press. Pulon (Greek for gateway) provides professional and affordable services to authors.