Motherhood: Is It All Worth It?

Motherhood: Is It All Worth It?

Motherhood: Is It All Worth It?

The Joy of Being Mom by Judy Brisky

Many of our life choices as moms are dictated by the needs of our families. Do we sacrifice? Yes. Do we get tired? Yes. Do we sometimes feel depleted? Yes.

Is it all worth it? A resounding yes!

Let me encourage you with this thought: Everything you do as a mother ministers to your family. By putting your family’s needs and desires ahead of your own, you demonstrate the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ.

Motherhood is all about serving. There are seasons when we may need to lay aside our “robe” as Jesus did in order to be available for our children. Some moms work outside the home full-time while others work at home full-time. Some do full-time volunteer work, and others do a little of this and a little of that. The bottom line is that all mothers work full-time in one way or another.

Laying aside your desires for the sake of your family can be difficult, especially when you are not sure how long the season will last. I can assure you, though, that God is faithful. If He puts a dream in your heart, then He will make it come to pass in His perfect timing. The key to contentment in whatever your circumstances may be is your relationship with the Lord and your trust in His plan for your life.

Ladies, let’s support, pray for, and encourage each other in hearing God speak to us about our lives. It’s easy to pick a side regarding whether moms should stay home or whether they should work full-time or do a bit of both. The truth is that every decision a mom makes is between her and the Lord. When we surrender our lives to Him, we can trust that when we prayerfully ask Him for direction, He will guide us. Every woman (along with her husband if she’s married) must seek God’s heart for what He wants her mom-life to look like.

As you care for your family, their needs become more important than your own. Some people might warn you that being so engrossed in the lives of your husband and children can cause you “to lose your identity.” The truth, though, is that you can actually find your identity­—not in your family but in the Lord. He will bring you great joy!

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