Do You Know How to Praise God?

Do You Know How to Praise God?

Prepare your heart. Prepare your world. Prepare the way.

Today on the blog we are sharing an important excerpt from the book How to Worship a King by Zach Neese.

Zach Neese unveils the power and beauty of true worship beyond any known song or melody, and carefully builds understanding and compelling evidence into the intended purpose of worship as a powerful weapon designed by God for the advancement and building of His Kingdom, here on earth.

What is Praise?
How to Worship a King
by Zach Neese

Praise is an expression of approval or admiration. We praise God, but we also praise our children, spouses, and coworkers. God doesn’t really need our approval or admiration, but He does things that are impressive all the time. We express admiration of those things through praise. And God is, without doubt, the most admirable being in the universe, so we praise Him for His attributes.

Praise is an expression of respect or gratitude as an act of worship. Praise can be an expression of worship. You see, praise and worship are not exclusive of each other. Worship begins with the motivation of loving and honoring God. That motivation must have expression, and praise is one of the expressions that completes the act of worship.

Do you know how to praise God How to Worship a King

Many of us have been trained by bad theology and denominational culture that it is perfectly OK for us to stand with arms crossed, mouths shut, and eyes rolled in boredom at the ceiling during praise. We have been deceived into thinking we can praise God without expressing praise to God. We cannot. By it’s very definition praise must include expression.

God knows that there is always a reason a person refuses to express praise to Him, and it is never a reason that exalts or honors Jesus. Why are people always looking for the exception? The answer to that is simple. Those people don’t love Jesus very much. If they did, they would not be looking for a way out of expressing praise to God; they would be looking for every opportunity to adore Him.

Praise is not a feeling; it is an expression. It must be expressed to be considered praise. It must be expressed to be received by God, witnessed by the lost, and feared by hell. How are you making known, putting into words, and conveying your feelings and opinions about God? This question explains what praise is.

You may be feeling admiration in your heart, but how are you expressing it to God and to the world?

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