Remembering Pastor Jack Hayford

Remembering Pastor Jack Hayford

Pastor Jack Hayford was rightly known as a “pastor of pastors.” He was the author or collaborator of more than 100 books, the writer of 600 hymns and choruses, and a pentecostal leader committed to building bridges while maintaining the integrity of the gospel. Pastor Jack and his life mission will continue to have a monumental influence on generations to come.

Today we are sharing an excerpt from Majesty, the revised version of his classic best-seller, Worship His Majesty. In this book, Pastor Jack shows us the blessings of praise and how God's grace fills everything He gives and calls us to do.

The Path of Praise

It was David who taught Israel to worship at new levels––from new songs to new instruments to new demonstrations of praise. There is something about David’s leading the people to a new Tabernacle that has deep meaning for us today. A willingness to accept David’s heart attitude and childlike exuberance in praise may bring us to a local “rebuilding” of David’s Tabernacle. It holds such high promise of real rejoicing and abounding fruit.

David sang, “But You are holy, Enthroned in the praises of Israel” (Psalm 22:3). David resounds this great truth to every generation: praise creates a dwelling place for God in man’s present situation!

He is not saying that praise makes God bigger or more powerful. Nonsense! Nor is he saying that praise forces God to take any particular action. He is Sovereign! However, the text does say that when you praise God––whatever the situation­­––you can count on Him moving into the middle of it! Thus, it is understandable why a worshipping, praising congregation is so desirable of and to an entity:

  • It is desirable to God, who is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.
  • It is fulfilling to those who worship, for God visits them in blessing and in power.
  • It is desirable for those who enter such a setting, even though they may be new to it. 

People will recognize God’s presence, and they will respond to it, since there are few human beings who do not deeply, honestly hunger vital touch with the fountain of their being.

There is a path of praise that leads to life, and many are moving forward on it with great joy, growth, and renewal. David walked that path and in childlike abandon, broke into leaping and dancing. His humility of heart brought a ready response to the Holy Spirit of joy motivating him, and even though Michal protested­, David’s Tabernacle was built, it housed the Ark, and it was filled with praises of the Lord.

I vote to help build it again!

– Pastor Jack Hayford, Majesty

Majesty The Essential Hayford Collection | Pastor Jack Hayford

by Jack Hayford

The Essential Hayford Collection

In this special collector’s edition of his treasured book, highly esteemed songwriter, author, theologian, and pastor Jack Hayford brings timeless wisdom and truth to modern-day conversations about worship. Drawing from the transformative stories of King David, Samuel, and others, Pastor Jack shares about the power and life-changing blessings that come to us when we step into God’s presence in worship.



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