An Excerpt from Pastor Jack Hayford

An Excerpt from Pastor Jack Hayford

Today we are sharing an excerpt from The Beauty of Spiritual Language by Jack Hayford. In this book, Pastor Jack invites you to forgo fear and doubt as you closely examine Scripture with an open mind. As a bridge-builder, he eliminates emotionalism, reaches across denominational lines, and encourages you to simply seek God’s face.


Learning When Not to Speak

The author of Ecclesiastes says there is a time to speak and a time to keep silent (Ecclesiastes 3:7). We must learn when not to speak because in doing so we will learn the grace of speaking in the right way as we talk. However, this does not mean we need to be so self-conscious that we stop communicating. God’s people are characterized by warmth and openness in their communication. We are permitted to talk freely, but it is also possible to become glib and simplistic. We should distinguish the difference in our own experience so we can better understand God’s way and mind and better express the way He functions. As Spirit-filled believers, there are nine ways we should learn not to speak:

Don’t Speak When You Do Not Bear Witness

You should not speak when someone shares something with you that does not bear witness with you. Your words should not give direction to other people. Your calling is not to lord over other people’s lives; instead, you can bring words and submit them to other people for consideration.

Don’t Speak a Negative Word or Make an Assertion About Someone

Don’t speak just because you have heard or interpreted something as negative about someone else. It is very easy for us to become either “holier-than-thou” or to act without adequate information. If we do, our words can become gossip.

Don’t React to a Crisis

When a crisis comes, don’t react. Stand. When something happens that could be an issue, first stand on the rock of Jesus’ words and teachings. It may be something that does not need the intervention of God to correct. Try to determine if the situation is something you can resolve yourself.

Be Silent When God Reveals Something to You

When the Lord shows you something good, step back a few paces and wait before you speak. Often when the Lord shows you rich things, the best action is to ponder them and wait for Him to show you when it is right to share or act on them.

Don’t Share Every Great Thing God Has Done

When God has done a particularly great thing, there is usually a time for silence. Many times, Jesus asked people not to tell others about the miracles He had performed (Matthew 8:4, Luke 8:56, and Luke 9:21). When we share a testimony at the wrong time, the good God has done can become invalidated. 

Be Quiet When Confirmation Is Needed

Submit to one another in love. Paul says to submit “to another in the fear of God” (Ephesians 5:21). There are times and places where sharing a word is more appropriate that others, and it may be best to submit it to an elder or leader first for confirmation.

Don’t Compare

When you are tempted to make comparisons, it is time to be quiet. There is glory in everybody, and Jesus never made negative comparisons among His disciples. Instead, focus on the positive traits of the person you are talking about.

Don’t Speak When You Don’t Know What to Do

Be Still (Psalm 46:10). When you don’t know what to do, go to God and ask Him what to do.

Don’t Speak When You Don’t Know What to Say

Keep Silent. Take time before responding. By your words you may bring a heavy weight or release. Read Proverbs and see how many times people are said to speak too much–they talk like fools.

God spoke the world into existence and gave us His Holy Spirit to help us speak prophecy and words of life to others. Learn to speak spiritually in your own language those things that are consistent with His Word in all areas of your life. Then you will also be better prepared to speak in the spiritual language.

– Pastor Jack Hayford, The Beauty of Spiritual Language


The Beauty of Spiritual Language | Pastor Jack Hayford

The Beauty of Spiritual Language from
The Essential Hayford Collection

The journey toward God’s heart can take you to unexpected places.

Some people may be unfamiliar with what a spiritual language is, while others may think it’s strange or irrelevant. With gracious understanding of the stigmas of speaking in tongues, Pastor Jack Hayford presents a fresh and honest conversation about one of the most controversial gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Begin your own journey toward the heart of God today!



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