Gateway Kids Worship: Dance + Lyric Videos

Gateway Kids Worship: Dance + Lyric Videos

The vision of Gateway Kids Worship is to experience the presence of God in the greatest way possible. We believe that God wants to reach all of our hearts in worship, especially our kids! 

While kids are on summer break, many churches are still looking for online resources to equip the younger generation while staying-at-home. These video downloads make a great resource for these times!

With this project, we created engaging, dynamic worship that is fun for kids but also plants this truth in their spirits: God is good and nothing is impossible with Him.

Each download includes an animated lyric video and a live dance-along video that includes lyrics.

The $10 download includes the following 8 configurations:

Dance + Lyric Full Stereo 1080p
Dance + Lyric Full Stereo 720p
Dance + Lyric Instrumental 1080p
Dance + Lyric Instrumental 720p
Lyric Video Full Stereo 1080p
Lyric Video Full Stereo 720p
Lyric Video Instrumental 1080p
Lyric Video Instrumental 720p

Full stereo includes the singer's track. Instrumental is for kids or children's church leaders who want to do their own singing (karaoke style). 

You can find all of the kid's worship videos in a new tab at the top of our website.


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