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Sinai in the Sanctuary

Jon Huntzinger

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Configuration: 6 x 9 paperback
ISBN: 9781945529382
Page Count: 208

Featured Review

Sinai in the Sanctuary shakes the earth in fire and thunder, whispers and wind, and beckons believers to draw near.

Jack Hayford

A Mountain Theology

Through Christ, we don’t have to climb Mt. Sinai to experience God—the mountain has come to us. Jon Huntzinger traces the biblical and theological thread of God’s encounters with His people.

Experience the presence of God like Moses did on Mt. Sinai.

Mt. Sinai is the pivotal event that shapes the worship of God’s people throughout all time. There, at that mountain, God spoke to Moses and revealed His plans for His people. Today, we hunger to hear His voice, but many don’t know how. He speaks in fire and thunder, a still small voice, and a gentle wind.

The incredible insights Jon Huntzinger shares in Sinai in the Sanctuary will help you:

  • Hear God’s voice in silence with Elijah
  • Feel the closeness of God like the fire in Jeremiah’s bones
  • See the parallels of Sinai and Pentecost
  • Understand Paul’s Sinai experience on the road to Damascus

Moses’ encounter on Mt. Sinai changed him forever. Learn to experience the same presence of God that will forever change you! God has come down. Are you willing to go up?

About the Author:

Jon Huntzinger is the Distinguished Professor of Bible and Ministry at The King’s University in Southlake, Texas. He holds a PhD in Biblical Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary (1999). He and his wife attend Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas where he teaches in Gateway’s Equip program.

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