Two Responsibilities of the Church in a Healthy Church Government

Two Responsibilities of the Church in a Healthy Church Government

Church government is the channel from which vision flows for the work of God’s kingdom. The church is the collective expression of its members. It carries out its destiny as individuals serve and contribute to God’s work through an effective and efficient structure of governance. God established the church as the foundational institution to further the work of His kingdom on earth.

What is the unique purpose of the church? The church fulfills many important functions, such as making disciples, representing the nature and character of God, and defining and defending the moral landscape of society. However, two primary responsibilities form the foundation for the church to achieve its greatest impact and fruitfulness. If it does not fulfill these two responsibilities, the other institutions will become sterile in their impact on both society and humanity.

  1. To bring the truth of God to bear on the needs of society.

  2. To bring purpose and freedom through Christ to individuals who are lost without Him.

The church is the hope of the world. As the church successfully fulfills these two responsibilities, it also sets the institutions of government and family up for the success God intended. If the church fails, the institutions of government and family will continue to operate, but they will drift aimlessly, having lost the rudder that God intended to hold them to their proper course.

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