Adventures in Prayer: FREE Devotional Cards

Adventures in Prayer: FREE Devotional Cards

Praying isn’t just talking—it’s also listening, watching, and expecting. Each day of the Adventures in Prayer devotional has a simple but inspiring personal story. Elements of Mary Jo Pierce's journey, character, and anointing will transform your prayer life. Learn how to:

  1. Set aside a special place to meet with God
  2. See God’s fingerprints in every story of your life
  3. Develop a prayer habit of listening to God
  4. Respond to God’s message to you

We're giving you a sneak peek into Mary Jo's Adventures in Prayer: A 40-day Journey with 5 FREE devotional cards that you can print as a keepsake. All while helping guide your spiritual journey with Jesus.

Download Adventures in Prayer: Devotional Cards FREE PDF

Follow the link below to purchase Adventures in Prayer to build a deeper personal relationship with God as you take your prayer life to a new level.

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