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The Blessed Marriage

Robert & Debbie Morris

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Configuration: 6 x 9 paperback
ISBN: 978-1-949399-56-1
Page Count: 184

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Can you imagine what a relationship would be like without the plagues of selfishness, ambition or rebellion? Adam and Eve must have thrived in absolute harmony and peace. Without sinful dispositions, they naturally put each other ahead of themselves. This was God’s design for marriage.

Robert & Debbie Morris

Experiencing Heaven on Earth in Your Marriage

Whether you are in a struggling marriage or a good marriage, this book will help you achieve the blessed marriage God has designed for you and your spouse. Robert and Debbie Morris open their hearts and lives, revealing the stories and sharing the principles that led them to The Blessed Marriage.

God does not want you to miss the road to blessing. Tucked in the pages of His Word, you will find the keys to your spouse’s heart and the map that leads to happiness in your home. 

Robert and Debbie Morris Examine Keys to a Blessed Marriage:

•  Possessing intimacy that communicates

•  Overcoming obstacles to communication

•  Honoring in word and deed

•  Making order out of chaos

•  Building a covenant relationship

•  And much, much more!

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