Spanish How to Worship a King Video Series - Overdubs (Digital)

Spanish How to Worship a King Video Series - Overdubs (Digital)

Zach Neese

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Configuration: Digital Video Downloads + Streaming (Spanish)

Cómo adorar al Rey videos con audio y subtítulos en español.

This version of the How to Worship a King Video Series includes Spanish overdubs and open captions.


Purchasing this product will allow you to stream or download the sessions. (Not a physical product). Find the DVD here.

En este video currículum, el pastor Zach Neese, lider de adoración y compositor de numerosas queridas canciones de adoración le brinda un mensaje alentador para que por medio de una hoja de ruta blíblica práctica lo guíe en su viaje hacia una adoración genuina y de experiencia transformadora.

We were born for deep, meaningful intimacy with our Father-King. 

As priests, our purpose is to minister to God through worship and then carry His light and glory to a dark, hurting world. This is the most extraordinary privilege ever extended to flesh and blood. So why do many believers miss out on the joy and transformation that come from stepping into their priestly roles?

In this digital video series, Zach Neese shares powerful biblical truths and practical encouragement to help believers deepen their understanding of and passion for worship. He also offers time-tested wisdom for pastors and worship pastors. 

Zach Neese has faithfully led worship and taught on the theology and heart of worship for many years. His passion is to help people develop vibrant, transformational relationships with Jesus. Zach is a pastor, author, songwriter, and international conference speaker.

Sesión 1: Soy un Sacerdote
Sesión 2: ¿Qué es adorar?
Sesión 3: ¿Qué es alabar?
Sesión 4: La Familia de Dios, La Casa de Dios
Sesión 5: Intimidad con Dios
Sesión 6: El Trono de Dios
Sesión 7: Líderes de Adoración
Sesión 8: Pastores

Preview Sesión 1:

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