Upset the World Study Guide

Upset the World Study Guide

Tim Ross

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Configuration: paperback study guide
ISBN: 9781951227081

Study guide companion to Upset the World.

Following Jesus is not a safe course of action. If you’ve come into a relationship with Jesus, it’s because you’ve had your world upset by Him. And once He’s upset your life, He’ll ask you to upset others. So how do you do that?

A random act of kindness.
An unexpected encounter.

What do these have in common? They upset people, break down barriers, and build relationships. This is the key to everyday evangelism.

This study guide is a companion to the book Upset the World. Tim Ross teaches you how to:

• Create a new way of relating to others
• Practice listening to and obeying the Holy Spirit’s voice
• Do everyday evangelism
• Love everybody (even people who are hard to love)
• Change the way people think about Christianity

Our assignment is simple: to turn the world upside down with the message, love, and hope of Jesus Christ.

TIM ROSS is the lead pastor of the multi-ethnic, multi-generational Embassy City Church in Irving, Texas. He speaks both nationally and internationally, strengthening believers with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Tim’s dynamic teaching style and uncanny ability to help people understand the gospel message make him an asset to ministries across cultural and denominational lines.

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