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The Overcoming Life

Jimmy Evans

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Configuration: 6 x 9 Hardcover
ISBN: 9781949399394
Page Count: 275

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Jimmy Evans has a unique ability to communicate God's Word in an authentic, relatable way that will transform your heart.

Marcus and Joni Lamb

As a believer, victory belongs to you. But you still have to claim it.

People are waiting for God to fix their problems. However, God will not do for you what He has given you the ability to do for yourself. He has provided all the tools you need to live victoriously.

Learn how to overcome rejection, fear, comparison, shame, unforgiveness, discouragement, sickness, and doubt:

  • Understand the secrets to overcoming every attack of the enemy
  • Address the fundamental challenges of life using God's truth
  • Be empowered to live in God's strength, not your own

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