Why Did Jesus Experience Fear?

Why Did Jesus Experience Fear?

Why Did Jesus Experience Fear?


  • Jesus Was Fully Human

Jesus is fully God, but He is also fully man. Just like you and me, He is human. Because Jesus experienced fear on earth, He can be compassionate for us when we pray. You can simply go before Jesus and say, “Lord, I am scared.” He understands exactly what you are talking about. 

  • Jesus Knew Everything that Would Happen to Him

Jesus knew that all the sin and sickness of the world would come on His body. The Father would turn away from Him, and demons would feast on Him for several hours. Jesus knew every detail of what was about to happen to Him, and He was afraid. Whether we fear pain, poverty, or anything else, Jesus understands.

  • Jesus Was Under Attack by Satan

Satan was waiting for Jesus to become weak, and the opportune time came in the Garden of Gethsemane. Satan is the ultimate spirit of fear, and he uses the fear of death to hold us in bondage throughout our lives.

Here is the good news: Jesus died on the cross, defeated Satan, took back the power over death, and rose again! John 11:25 says, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me … shall live.” Jesus experienced fear so He could relate to us. He experienced the same attacks from the devil that we do. Jesus overcame the spirit of fear, and we can too.

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