Hallmarks of a Giver

Hallmarks of a Giver

The Blessed Life: Hallmarks of a Giver

The enemy wants to keep you from discovering God’s principles governing financial stewardship, giving, and blessing. Why? Because once you do, it will change every area of your life. Pastor Robert Morris describes the classic signs of a believer with the gift of giving and the way you can recognize them in your own heart and in the hearts of others.

Givers can be men or women.

Givers respond to a strong vision with clear objectives.
They want their money to count! These people are good stewards who are successful in using the funds' God gives them. They want to see ministries operate by sound financial principles.

Givers have the discernment that allows them to determine genuine needs.
They are able to look at ministries and missionaries and determine where the true needs are and how money should be used. They have the ability to determine what is worthy of investment by the church.

Givers are very frugal but also very generous. 
They like budgets, and they understand the principles of finance very well. Their greatest joy comes in meeting needs.

Givers want to invest in a stable ship, not a sinking ship. 
They want their money to be handled in a prudent manner, and they appreciate excellence and quality.

Givers don’t want to control their money after they have given it. 
They want to give their time, talents, and wisdom.

Givers want to bring lasting solutions to situations. 
They want to be a cure, not just a bandage. In other words, they don’t want their money to provide only a short-term fix of something that is going to break again.

Givers are gifted leaders.
Their ability to lead is frequently the reason they have been so successful.

Givers don’t want to talk about money all the time.

Many pastors always want to talk about money when they get around successful people who have the gift of giving. However, that’s not the only subject givers want to discuss. Money is a tool—not something to be worshipped, obsessed over, or analyzed all the time.

As you read The Blessed Life, which has helped millions of people discover the joy of generosity, you might start to recognize in yourself the hallmarks of someone to whom God has given the gift of giving. Pastor Robert encourages you to learn more about that important gift.

Remember, God has made you to be a river, not a reservoir. The water in the river is pure and clean, but the water in a reservoir is contaminated. Make sure that you are continuing to give as God leads you to the church and to worthy ministries that are making an impact for the kingdom of God.

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