Take a Nap This Mother’s Day! Excerpt from The Good Mess

Take a Nap This Mother’s Day! Excerpt from The Good Mess

Whether you’re a new mom, seasoned mom, single mom, mom-to-be, hopeful mom, foster mom, mom who has lost a child, or mother figure, we want to honor you. You’re invited to an encounter with God this Mother’s Day with this blog taken from The Good Mess by Debbie Morris and Elaine Fisher.


Every so often, I (Elaine) am invited onto a Christian television show to talk about life and encourage people, and I always enjoy getting the chance to be a part.

On one show, we started to discuss what our quiet times looked like. One by one, the ladies took turns sharing. They would say things like, “Oh, I worship for an hour and then read the Bible for an hour.” Each person had similar responses, and I started to panic about what I would say when it got to me.

I was the only one on the panel who had young children at home. My quiet times lately weren’t exactly “quiet,” and I never had much “time.” Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was the background music to my Bible reading, and I had to finish reading before the last note played.

When it was my turn to share, everyone looked at me, and I thought, I guess I’ll just tell the truth and see what happens! I looked around the room and said, “If I have an hour to myself, I’m taking a nap!” We all laughed, and apparently, that was the right thing to say because they keep inviting me back!

Life is busy. It’s demanding. Every season is different, but there are always things waiting to creep in and steal your time. Children need you. Work needs you. Your marriage needs you. Your friends need you. Everyone and everything is asking for your time. Sure, there are ways we could simplify life and lessen stress, but sometimes even that feels like just another to-do on the list. If you’re like I am, you may just be proud you found the time to read the words right in front of you. I get you.

And let’s be real, sometimes taking a nap is holy.

You may have heard this story before, but I think it’s worth repeating. There’s an account in 1 Kings 19, where Elijah is being hunted by the evil queen Jezebel, and he flees into the wilderness. He’s exhausted and he’s afraid—he’s just done. (I’m going to guess some of us have had days like this!) So Elijah prays a really depressing prayer and then falls asleep under a tree. An angel later awakens him, tells him to eat some bread and drink some water that miraculously show up next to him, and then he falls asleep again. After more sleep and food, Elijah decides he’s okay and continues in his journey.

Yes, the Lord could have given Elijah super-strength and energy to continue along in his journey without resting or eating. But He didn’t. He let Elijah rest, not just for his physical health but for his mental health as well. God provided for Elijah, and He didn’t get mad at him for reaching a place of desperation and exhaustion. God simply met him right there in that place.

Maybe you find yourself in a desperate or exhausted place like Elijah today. Did you know that Jesus can relate? Even Jesus took moments in the crucial times of His ministry days to pull away and rest.

You don’t have to feel bad about taking a nap. Rest is essential. And you don’t have to have a picture-perfect quiet time either. God’s desire is for you to connect with Him. So maybe, you have a moment with Him in the car while you’re driving your kids to activities or washing the dishes. Maybe your prayer is that the Lord would speak to you in your dreams as you doze off while the kids nap.

God is there in all the in-between and messy moments of our lives. So don’t let the enemy tell you that you are missing Him or not doing this Christian life right. Instead, be present with Him in the middle, and you will find that He will meet you in your place of desperation or exhaustion. There is grace for your season and even time for you to take a nap!


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