NEW! Gateway Music Song of the Month

NEW! Gateway Music Song of the Month

 Introducing Gateway Music's Featured Song of the Month!

“Always Holding On”
See You Move: Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 2

See You Move: Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 2, from Gateway Worship was captured just two weeks before the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. During an unprecedented period of historic loss, grief, and suffering, See You Move became a refuge for all the weary souls burdened by the heavy lot the year 2020 dealt. The track “Always Holding On” (featuring Cole Novak) celebrates the joy found in a transformed life.

“All of us who follow Jesus used to be someone else­–far from God, following our own way. Then, at some point, we had an experience with Jesus that changed our lives forever. We are new creation. And not only that, but even when we wander or fall short, the love of God continues to hold onto us,”Novak, featured writer and vocalist on the victorious track “Always Holding On”

Song by song, note by note, lyric by lyric, Gateway Worship declares the promise that the God of miracles is indeed at work and we will see Him move.

Sample Lyric:
Now I'm a new creation
Everything left behind
Used to be lost but now I'm found
Found in the love of Christ


Gateway Music Song of the Month

See You Move Gateway Music Featured Song of the Month
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