I Am David: How Do Winners Think?

I Am David: How Do Winners Think?

How Do Winners Think? | 4 Characteristics

The Bible says the soldiers who had been terrorized by Goliath’s taunts for 40 days actually had their knees knocking in fear. Even so, any one of those men could have taken the same action David did. The real difference was in how they thought.

Consider again this amazing story (1 Samuel 17:4-11, 21-51), but this time, pay special attention to how a winner thinks. The thinking of winners has four characteristics or traits.

  1. Winners have faith-focused thinking

In the Bible’s account of David’s battle with Goliath, the writer described how winners think. I [Jimmy Evans] can summarize what the Bible says by declaring that great people’s lives are marked by faith-focused thinking. This is the first characteristic of the way winners think. This kind of thinking has two major elements: it is God-directed and reward-oriented. This spiritual principle is at work in Hebrews 11:6: “Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”

  1. Winners have four-dimensional thinking

David also thought at a different level than everyone else around him did. It is somewhat humorous to consider how differently David thought compared to the Israelite soldiers who quaked before Goliath. They looked at their enemy and listed all of his advantages. [It was] an impressive list—one much longer than David’s.

David considered only one physical attribute worth factoring into his battle strategy: the enemy was uncircumcised! This is four-dimensional thinking. Don’t you think David picked an odd time to discuss a personal, medical issue? What does being uncircumcised have to do with anything? You can learn more about this significance from the full lesson in I Am David.

  1. Fresh Ideas are Powerful Ideas

A third characteristic of the way winners think is that they have fresh ideas. Great people think differently from everybody else. How do you get fresh thinking? You humble yourself and ask God. Then you must be willing to become an innovator when the Holy Spirit speaks to you and leads you. He will never tell you anything that is inconsistent with Scripture, but He will tell you something that’s right for the moment—right for now. A fresh approach always works when God originates it. It is always the right answer for what you need. Every great person is open to fresh ideas. 

  1. Forceful Thinking

As creative and clear thinking as David was, his great ideas would have come to nothing if he had not also been a forceful thinker, which is the fourth characteristic of the way a winner thinks. The fact is, if you are a weak thinker—willing to give up the first time someone tells you that your approach is not going to work—you will never make it in life. Winners think in forceful terms. They have to.

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