I Am David: Fellow Warriors

I Am David: Fellow Warriors

True greatness has little to do with how much fame or money people earn. Instead, it has everything to do with how many souls we take with us to heaven and how honorably we serve the Lord Jesus Christ—not only in front of people but also behind the scenes.

No one is truly great who doesn’t serve Jesus Christ.

When bombarded by everything from tempting pictures to fear-inducing images of world terrorism, a truly great man or woman of God will say, “I will not withdraw from the battlefield. It’s where I belong.” 

In the same way, a person made for greatness who is caught on the rooftop will have the courage to admit, “I have withdrawn from the front lines, but right now I choose to return to the battlefield.”

My greatest experiences and my seasons of quickest growth have always in battle. My worst years have been on the rooftop. The devil made the rooftop seem good, but it produced only torment.

I am made for battle. I am equipped for battle. And battle is the only place where I know I can win.

I should warn you of something you probably already know: the only people you will find on the rooftop are other rooftop people. They are willing to sin and then do anything in their power to cover it up.

You will never become great around rooftop people. If you realize that the people with whom you associate are of the rooftop variety, break off your close connection with them. Do an about-face and go the other way. Go to the battlefield and find fellow warriors. You’ll become great by being with great people.

When you find a person who has chosen to fight and win the battle over his or her thought life, you have found someone on the pathway to destiny. This is a person who will cover your back. Yes, he or she may make mistakes (everyone does), but this is the kind of person you want to have as a friend and a fellow warrior.

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