Fresh Start Bible Favorite Features

Fresh Start Bible Favorite Features

Seven editions and less than two years after its initial release, Fresh Start Bible has reached thousands of people across the nation. We are constantly praising Jesus for how this Bible has impacted our community. Whether you’ve just become a follower of Christ or you have been a believer for a long time, Fresh Start Bible is here to help you navigate God’s Word.

Here are just a few testimonies that have been shared with us:

"A great Bible for the curious, the new believer, and the seasoned follower. It helps you understand who God is, why He sent His Son, and what you need to know about God’s purpose for each of us." –L. Robert

"If you have issues understanding the Bible this will be the best purchase of your life. Pastor Robert Morris is not only an amazing pastor, but his team put together this Bible to really help understand what the Word says." –Charlotte

"One of the reasons that I love the concept behind the Fresh Start Bible is that it does a great job of incorporating the traditional aspects of the Bible with present day tools that can help you wherever you are in a walk of faith. The 15-Minute Breakthrough section and accompanying One-Year Reading Plan make you feel as if a mountainous task such as reading the Bible from cover to cover is something you can accomplish with ease." –Aprel D.


Fresh Start Bible Premium Edition Gateway Publishing

Common life questions addressed by Pastors Robert Morris, Jack Hayford, and other key leaders. You will build a strong foundation for your spiritual life with the tools available in Fresh Start Bible, including more than 500 discipleship articles and studies.


Fresh Start Journey: 52 important questions about the foundations of faith
Intersections: 59 key Bible characters and events
Road Signs: Practical teachings that illuminate Scripture and inspire spiritual growth
Worship Way: Discusses the What, Whom, Why, and How of worship
Freedom Path: Explores the spiritual freedom available to every believer
Bible Reading Breakthrough: Explains the importance of reading God’s Word


Worship Way Fresh Start Bible Gateway Publishing


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