Everyone Needs a Word from God

Everyone Needs a Word from God

He Still Speaks

As Christians pursue a deeper, more intimate relationship with God, many come to a place of asking important questions:

  • Is prophetic ministry still for today?
  • We know God speaks to us through the Bible, but is there no new expression of God’s infallible word being given today?
  • What if our experience with prophetic ministry or gifts of the Spirit borders on the weird? Is it valid for today? How do I embrace it as an authentic and healthy expression of ministry in our church?

When it comes to hearing a word from God, many people feel fearful. Although there’s nothing more wonderful than knowing God knows us, loves us, and wants to talk with us like He would a friend, most of us have the impression that God is always on the verge of frustration or is even angry with us. We believe if He did talk with us, then He would be harsh, corrective, and impatient.

I’ve been involved in many prophetic presbyteries­—specific times when leaders who have been identified by the church are given words by a prophetic team. The words confirm God’s work as the prophetic team identifies and calls forth God-given gifts, and they encourage faithful service to God by confirming the focus of ministry. It is a wonderful and anointed time in God’s presence for all to enjoy.

The reality is that people both inside and outside the church need a loving encounter with God. Imagine if we were to give someone a life-giving word from God in the checkout line at Walmart or the grocery store or at the gym. Imagine if we were to give our children or a close family member a word from the heart of God for whatever situation they might be facing … a word that wasn’t given to them in a religious way but one that expressed God’s love or brought hope to a troubling situation or even provided direction, affirmation, and encouragement from God’s heart to theirs.

Everyone needs a word from God! They need to know He cares for them and is aware of the needs and situations in their lives.

Copyright © 2012 by E. Wayne Drain and Tom Lane

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