5 Books to Grow Your Faith

5 Books to Grow Your Faith

5 Books to Grow Your Faith

Invest in your spiritual growth this year by setting aside time to read. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge these five titles have to offer. 

1. School of the Spirit by Lee M. Cummings

In School of the Spirit, Pastor Lee M. Cummings encourages believers to get to know the Holy Spirit, the most misunderstood Person of the Trinity. Pastor Lee illuminates biblical truths in a clear, easy-to-understand way and answers many common questions, including:

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • What did Jesus say about Him?
  • What does a Spirit-empowered life look like?
  • What are the nine gifts of the Spirit? What are their benefits?
  • Why should believers speak in tongues?

 2. Half the Battle by Jon Chasteen

Dr. Jon Chasteen explores Old and New Testament examples of people whom God invited to begin the healing process by confronting their secret pain. Through this book with an included study guide, you will learn to:

  • Acknowledge the struggles you’ve been avoiding
  • Let go of shame and regret
  • Partner with God in your healing
  • Find freedom and lasting peace

 5 Books to Grow Your Faith | Gateway Publishing | Gateway Church

3. The God I Never Knew by Robert Morris (DVD and Study Guide)

The Holy Spirit can be misinterpreted as confusing, controversial, or even weird. People often see the Holy Spirit as an “It” and don’t believe Him to be a person who can be understood and welcomed. The Holy Spirit wants to have a relationship with you. He has committed Himself to be your Teacher, Comforter, and Guide. These sessions will help you to:

  • Recognize the Holy Spirit as a person
  • Develop a connection with Him
  • Embrace His power to walk in a new life

4. ID Identity Reveals Destiny by Allan Kelsey & Brad Stahl

God has called you to something more, but you may not know what it is, what it looks like, or what to do about it. Past attempts at following a dream have left you frustrated and insecure. Allan Kelsey and Brad Stahl believe that you can know your purpose on this earth. Their book will guide you to:

  • Make peace with your past
  • Learn to identify and use your talents and strengths
  • Discover your life mission
  • Have confidence to take the next step toward God’s destiny for your life

5. How Do I Know? by Robert Morris

Do you want to learn more about the reality of God? The truth of the Bible? The person of Jesus? This book will help you find the answers you’re seeking. Using personal stories, biblical principles, and proven evidence, Pastor Robert Morris answers these important questions:

  • How do I know there is a God?
  • How do I know the Bible is true?
  • How do I know Jesus is the only way?


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